Who We Are

This is a youth ministry arm of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. It is a specialized outreach to adolescents/teenagers who are post-primary schools including technical colleges, secondary schools, vocational schools and secondary school leavers awaiting admission into tertiary institutions. The ministry has as its main objective to reveal Christ to the youths, get them transformed, empower them to lead a successful life and mobilize them to lead other youths to Christ.

Our H

In 1979, Pastor Kumuyi organized the first ever Free Vacation School for post-primary school students in Lagos which would later give birth to the Post Primary School Outreach (PPSO) and presently known as the Deeper Life Students’ Outreach (DLSO), an interdenominational arm of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, whose primary focus is leadership training and complete development of post primary school students in secondary schools, technical colleges and vocational institutions. In 2001, he gathered together more than 60, 000 youths for the Success Academy for Youths (SAY) held at the National Stadium, Surulere, where alongside other prominent Nigerians including the then Minister of Education, the youths were exposed to success principles and were challenged to discover, develop and deploy their talents for national development. Thereafter, SAY has been held at different times (2002, 2005 and 2009) at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC) at Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway which climaxed in 2009 where more than 100,000 youths gathered together at the venue. In 2012, Pastor Kumuyi again launched the maiden edition of the Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) as a platform for identifying, harnessing and propelling youths as strategic and indispensable partners in the quest for realizing national development aspirations.

Our Activities

The youth ministry of the Deeper Christian Ministry was structured as an inter-denominational organisation known originally as Post Primary School Outreach (PPSO). This was eventually changed to Deeper Life Schools’ Outreach (DLSO) in later years. Over the years, this organisation has operated in the Secondary Schools directly or indirectly under the names of Success Club or Christian Students’ Fellowship. There is an off-shoot of DLSO which caters for youths in Deeper Life Bible Church. It is named Youth Home Success Fellowship (YHSF). While the DLSO aims for the salvation of youths in post-primary schools, the YHSF targets making disciples out of converted youths in the homes. Today, the two arms of outreach to students both in the schools and homes are collectively referred to as Deeper Life Students’ Outreach (DLSO).

Youth Home Success Fellowship (YHSF)

The YHSF is a forum where success principles in all areas of a student’s life are taught weekly, systematically, and practically. It holds in smaller groups in homes located in different neighbourhoods every Sunday evening. One feature of the YHSF is that it affords youths the opportunity to be personally involved in leading fellow youths thereby inculcating leadership skills and styles.

School Fellowship (SF)/Leadership Training Programme (LTP)

The DLSO organizes school fellowship for students in schools led by Fellowship Officers under the guidance of teachers in charge of the school fellowship. The goal is to hold regular meetings for bible study, prayers and leadership development in schools for students. And to help train school fellowship officers develop leadership requisite skills and qualities, the DLSO also organizes a weekly meeting for clusters of schools called Leadership Training Programme (LTP) locations. It also recruits and assembles an army of school visitors who represent the DLSO and supervises the fellowship activities in the various schools. The LTP locations is under the leadership of the location leader and reports to the National DLSO Coordinator.

Special Programmes

Besides the regular weekly activities in schools and homes, the other activities of DLSO include: Free Vacation Schools, National Youth Success Camp, Success Academy for Youths and a recently quarterly Youth Empowerment Summit (YES). These programmes have attracted hundreds of thousands of youth across Africa and beyond who are always excited to listen to the seasoned preaching, teaching and anointed life-changing prayers of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi.

The Free Vacation School

Since 1979 the DLSO organizes 3-4 week long intensive free-coaching and skill acquisition sessions for post-primary school students during the long vacation. Regular school subjects and vocational skills are taught and demonstrated in a friendly atmosphere in different locations.

Annual National Youth Success Camp

Every year, the DLSO organizes the Youth Success Camp for post-primary school students to round-off the long vacation programme. It is usually a week-long event, whose aim is to bring teenagers and adolescents together for concentrated spiritual renewal and development, success teaching and skill acquisition, career identification and development.

Youth Empower Summit (YES)

This is a recently inaugurated programme by the GS for youths. It first held in 2012 and then in 2014 at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC) at KM 42 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.