Leadership Training Program

This is a training under the School Outreach Ministry that seeks to teach and develop young people to hone their leadership skills. The youths are taught how to meet challenges heads-on in every aspect of their lives, spiritually and otherwise; they learn to be pacesetters among other students in Christendom and the outside world; this is a programme where they taught to be able to influence other youths positively. The LTP is a place where youths’ all-round development is uppermost in the minds of the conveners to promote positive life-skills learning; where they learn to pray down the vision and power of God into their lives for them to be able to leaders others fruitfully. The programme is for Officers of the School Fellowship and is slated for Fridays in various locations after the school fellowship programme. Born-again students in different schools who are officers of the school fellowship are expected to be part of the leadership training programme.